Monkey Trouble (1994)

Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family

Monkey Trouble
Cast: Finster, Thora Birch, Harvey Keitel, Mimi Rogers

Eva is a girl that is feeling left out and ignored when her new baby brother arrives. Nothing is going well for her, until she finds a new friend. Her new friend is Dodger, a monkey. Dodger and Eva become close friends and entertain crowds at the Boardwalk. That is, until Eva finds out that Dodger has a hidden talent - he's a trained thief.

  • New Line Cinema, Effe Productions Company:
  • PG Rated:
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  • 18 Mar 1994 Released:
  • 01 May 2011 DVD Release:
  • $16,453,258 Box office:
  • Franco Amurri, Stu Krieger Writer:
  • Franco Amurri Director:
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