The Conspiracy (2012)

Horror, Thriller

The Conspiracy

Becoming the documentary itself, the changing nature of friends Aaron and Jim's latest documentary film is presented. The original subject of the documentary was the bizarre world of conspiracy theorists, most specifically one named Terrance G., not the actual content of the video which came their way of one his old fashioned soapbox styled street-side rants that intrigued them, but rather the fact of the number of comments to the video supporting his theories that did. In addition to their interviews with Terrance, much of that original documentary included interviews with a female psychologist talking about the mental state of someone like Terrance. The nature of the documentary changed when Terrance went missing without a trace midway through their filming. During Aaron and Jim's online search in trying to figure out what may have happened to Terrance, they thinking something nefarious, Aaron, in the process beginning to believe many of the theories Terrance espoused, stumbles ...

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