The Nun (1966)


The Nun
Cast: Anna Karina, Liselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle, Francine Bergé

In eighteenth-century France a girl (Suzanne Simonin) is forced against her will to take vows as a nun. Three mothers superior (Madame de Moni, Sister Sainte-Christine, and Madame de Chelles) treat her in radically different ways, ranging from maternal concern, to sadistic persecution, to lesbian desire. Suzanne's virtue brings disaster to everyone in this faithful adaptation of a bitter attack on religious abuses by the Enlightenment philosopher Denis Diderot.

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  • 08 Jul 1971 Released:
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  • Denis Diderot (novel), Jean Gruault, Jacques Rivette Writer:
  • Jacques Rivette Director:
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